"Mr. Johns' messages are heartfelt and clear; most important, he has earned the credibility to provide a heavy dose of empowerment to the audience.  His presentations are well-managed processes that produce visible changes and meet the approval of diverse participants.  They are based in a deep and penetrating belief in people's ability to improve and this, in my opinion, raises them above the presentations of his peers.

In addition, Mr. Johns is an excellent photo journalist and able writer who can effortlessly tell a story.  This ability comes from matching words and deeds and from the use of new technologies used to project his fascinating pictures."

Carole M.P. Neves, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Policy & Analysis
Smithsonian Institution

Thank you so much for the work you have done with us this year.  Our turnaround is directly related to the excellent work you have done with us and the EOS® Implementation Process.  We would not be anywhere near where we are with regards to our growth and strength if not for P2.  You have taught us the tools and language to align our priorities and be accountable to our goals.  We really appreciate the way you’re coaching our team to develop better leadership skills, lead productive weekly meetings in every department, communicate more effectively and accomplish more.  Good things are happening here because of Parallel Partners!


Frank Friedmann

General Manager, Element Materials

(Note: This is the second company I’ve led, in which I’ve hired P2 to facilitate Traction. After seeing the results of their work with my first team, when I took a new position in a new company, I knew the first call I needed to make to help gain Traction was to Parallel Partners.)

We brought our HR executive team to the P2 Rendezvous for a day of team building and professional development in the woods and it was fantastic.  In this beautiful wooded setting, Pat and Pam created a level playing field where we could have productive dialogue and come together as a team.  The variety of outdoor activities and the way P2 choreographed and customized our special day helped us to gain insights, connect and come away ready to take on new challenges.  We got to know an entirely human side of each other, which built bonds of trust to function even more effectively as a team.  Thanks Parallel Partners for an excellent experience.


Karen Richard,
Senior VP, and Chief Human Resources Officer
Andersen Windows

"My name is Kathy Ridley; I am the Past President of PMI Houston Chapter.  I would like to recommend to you Mr. Pat Johns as a keynote speaker.  He has spoken at our annual conference two years in a row.  His keynotes were very inspiring.  In fact, he customized his talk to match our theme.  He also taught a 1 day X-Treme Brain workshop and did various 1 hour sessions.  When he becomes a part of your program you get a speaker with variety. Our attendees lined up to talk with him.  His sessions were beyond full, we had to turn people away.  I believe you should consider him for your PD programs or any other event!  If you have any questions please let me know."

Kathy Ridley, PMP
PMI Houston, PastPresident

Please allow this letter to serve as a testimonial and referral for Parallel Partners. In addition to Traction and coaching our Executive Team plus others, this letter will focus on the area of hiring, on-boarding and training, which P2 has been doing with us for more than 18 months.
We initially engaged P2 to help us with hiring, because we knew that the cost of our high turnover was killing us. With Pat and Pam’s help, the results we have seen have been dramatic. Very quickly, they showed us how we could systematize our process. We’ve been successful in several aspects of this: becoming an employer of choice, attracting higher quality candidates, better interviewing, better cultural fit, and lowering our turnover. This has amounted to greater confidence in our hiring, and a significant cost reduction as well.
In the area of training and on-boarding, Parallel Partners continues to support our effectiveness, culture and growth. We have involved them in our Annual National Sales Meeting, Service Managers Meeting, and On-boarding Camp for the last two years, where they provided excellent programs and materials, which our people still reference. Perhaps even more importantly, they continue to have a positive affect on our culture.
In addition, we have found both Pam and Pat to be excellent communicators, easy and enjoyable to work with and feel they are an exceptional value for a reasonable fee.
I highly recommend Pat and Pam to help your company.
Debra R. Ferril
President & COO