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Executive & Team Leadership Development

We develop leaders and teams to achieve peak performance in business, communication and culture.

Leadership Communication Redefined

Leadership can take many forms - it is an art and a science. It is new ideas and classic ones. It is hard work and simple solutions. It is knowing what to do next and planning for the future. It is expansive at every level and involves excellent communication every step of the way. It is the way Pat and Pam motivate and energize teams that differentiates Parallel Partners (P2). Pat and Pam have developed a style of work that is as successful as it is smart. Pat and Pam each have their own strengths, which together they bring to every engagement in unique ways, customized for your needs.  

Executive Coaching

Determination to be the best is at the forefront of the P2 executive leadership coaching philosophy. Pat and Pam work to align your communication, values and purpose to bring out the very best in you. Pat and Pam inspire growth and clarity to achieve extraordinary goals for individuals and teams.

Keynote Speaking

Journey with leadership expert, Pat Johns, to the “Shadow of Giants,” Mt. Everest and four of the worlds tallest mountain peaks. Pat shares with you lessons learned from some of the world’s top endurance athletes who participate in the grueling, yet beautiful Himalayan 100 mile running race. Pat’s perspective, which he frames into the Five C’s, or core values, comes from having completed the race four times!

Leadership Development Programs

Parallel Partners (P2) has a diverse selection of training programs to elevate and ensure the ongoing professional development of your organization. Known for their unique and fun presentation style, Pat and Pam have been providing cutting-edge content and training for associations and corporations nationwide.

River Innovation Center

The P2 River Innovation Center is one of the finest, fully equipped conference facilities in the region. Come experience sitting at this powerful conference table with P2’s facilitation, or lead your own meeting in elegance, sunshine and comfort overlooking the beautiful Cannon River in Northfield. Located a quick forty-five minutes from MSP airport, it is not only convenient, but also includes a full service restaurant and bar onsite.

Leadership Retreat Camp

When you are ready to recharge and refresh your motivation, the P2 Rendezvous is the place to go. Energize your leadership team with a day of exploration in nature at this amazing property. Trails, tents and tipis redefined!

Some of our Clients and Partners

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