...the way P2 choreographed and customized our special day helped us to gain insights, connect and come away ready to take on new challenges. -Read More - 

Karen Richard

Senior VP, and Chief Human Resources Officer Andersen Windows

Leadership Camp and Visioning Retreat

This spectacular nature site makes for a most memorable leadership retreat, wedding or family event. Located less than 45 minutes from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, you will find fifty-plus acres covered with trees, trails and several amazing outdoor meeting structures to bring you into balance and offer peace of mind.

Spend a special afternoon, an entire day or go for an overnight experience of camping that's over the top! You'll find your experience to be rewarding, rejuvenating and refreshing in this stunning natural setting with facilitated programs, hikes, deep discussions, bonfires, and lots of relaxation and laughter. Your hosts, leadership experts Pat and Pam Johns will design the perfect retreat for your group.


  • Convenient destination just minutes from P2 River Training Center
  • Energize your leadership team
  • Custom facilitated programs
  • Rejuvenate your leaders in nature
  • Refresh your purpose
  • Campfires and collaborative work
  • Relax and rediscover your motivation
  • Communication skills and games
  • Interactive team-building focused around your core values
  • Tipis, Tents, and Trails redefined
  • Take a vacation from your smartphone
  • Catering available

Leadership and Visioning Retreats

Join us in nature for an opportunity to grow and learn.