P2 River Innovation Center

Have you ever thought about the scale of importance for meetings? Some meetings are routine, some are important, and some are critically important. We are in the business of hosting and facilitating meetings, and so we know that place and location are key. The overall feel and energy of a room can seriously add to or detract from the outcome of the meeting. Knowing that, and knowing that we have one of the most beautiful conference rooms in the region, please accept our invitation to use it for your most important meetings!

We offer our space, gratis for meetings when available. You see, we want you to feel the power of the P2 River Center, and to add your own dynamics to our space. We want this to be a gathering place, where good business gets done, amazing decisions are made and joyful, inspiring outcomes happen.

We are available to add to your meeting, (if you like) in any way you may need, from facilitating a difficult decision or mediating between disparate positions to find alignment and positive solutions. We can create a training module on over a dozen topics, or customize one for your needs, too. See sample list.

For half-day or full-day meetings, please call or email for pricing and available dates.

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